Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lost but Found

These folks know about the reunion but have not decided yet.

Sandra Alcamo
Claudia Anderson
Lucille Armijo
Susan Barbee
Kathy Barrett
John Beaber
Carol Becksted
Cynthia Bice
Randy Boyce
Ezra Colon
Brigid Cruser
Mark Demeduk
Maryln Devera
Nancye Elmore
Michele Flores
Andrew Fulwiler
Ronald Gray
Timothy Hall
Constance Harper
David Hawkridge
Joy Hurlbut
Tyrone Jimenez
Jacque Johnson
Neal Kernes
Kevin Kyle
Harold Lackey
Thomas Langdon
Leisha Long
Carey Manson
Sonija Marglon
Celia Martinez
Basil Medeiros
Joe Moore
Bonnie Mullens
Nick Niacaris
Michele Paladini
David Roberts
Anne Rossi
Cheryl Rossi
Karen Rossi
Jamie Santos
Kurt Schoening
Becky Seaver
Tammy Shelton
William Southard
Peter Staat
John Traynor
Harriet Viado
Peggy Vigil
Sue Watts
Pam Wornath

Yes or Maybe they are coming

YES they are coming:
Fred Bown
Donald Brager
Dave Candelario
Joseph Castro
David Chapman
Carol Clemons
Janet Day
Yolanda Elizalde
Cindy Furtado
Annette Gonsalves
Rebecca Gonzales
Sharon Grmoja
Kerry Jenson
Donald Jones
Elfie Jumper
Suzette Junier
Edward Kelton
Janet Leonard
Michael Mazzola
Lourdes Mendez
Theresa Morrison
Anthony Myers
Gregory Olsen
Jacqeline Perreira
Mark Rickey
Heather Roden
Valentino Soto
John Steigmann
Richard Thom
Terry Tucker
Lisa Whiteman
Anthony Woods
Doug Yokomizo

MAYBE - they are going to try
Deborah Culligan
Martin Enriquez
Judy Hochhalter
Patrice Leverenz
Michael Mendonca
Louis Mosier
Edward Price
Juan Valencia

Those That Can't Make It

NO Unfortunately they cannot make it but wish they could

Lynn Berenbrock
Eileen Cochran
Reginald Fimby
Yvonne Hubbird
Pamela Lawrence
Rose Merfalen
Erin Owens
James Rodrigues
Catherine Ryan

Friday, August 8, 2008

Class of 77 and 79

We are pleased to be able to invite you to this venue (hey the Olympics are on) and join the fun of finding out what has happened to everyone from 30 years ago. Just let us know you can make it so we have a head count. Maybes are acceptable. See the potluck section for food 'assigments.'

Please pass on this web page and info to anyone else you have contact with.

Please email:
Tracy at
Catherine at

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Tracy Ardito decided that we needed a 30 year reunion so she went to work. The basics are:

27 Sept 2008
Picnic at Cull Canyon Recreation Area.
Footbridge Area.
map directions:

She found someone to donate the funds necessary to pay the fees SO THIS IS FREE FOR US.
This is a pot Luck so check out the schedule and what to bring.

PLEASE let folks know. This started on Classmates but only a few have responded. So let's get the word out.

Also please RSVP Tracy at or Catherine at
Maybe's are acceptable.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Can't Make It???

We are having a "Can't Make it Board" It will feature letters from classmates unable to make it.
Also, we will have a memorial section. If you desire bring pictures to remember those that passed on.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Reunion Agenda Big Pot Luck

11:00 - 12:00 Check in. Wear Your Fun Hat for the Contest. Get your Name Tag Raffle and Sign In. Name Tag Signature Game Starts (instructions at check in)
12:30 BBQ Starts
1:30 - 2:00 Let’s Eat! The Big Pot Luck Bring For Yourself & Bring some to Share (see list below)
2:00 - 4:00 Games Kids Watermelon Eating Contest Adult Games: Hoola Hoop Contest Tug of War w/ Genuine Tug of War Rope Three Leg Race & Wheel Barrel Race Egg Toss Raffle: Name Tag Signature Game for a Fabulous Prize
6:00 - 6:30 Clean up and help get the deposit back.
6:30 - After Reunion Party. Location to be verified. (Willow Park Golf Club Castro Valley).
Pot Luck List. Last Name Starts With:
A-H Salads
I-Q Desserts
R-Z Side Dishes (yes, potato chips are a side dish)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Event news - previously posted on another site

Event News: Just in, we received enough donations to pay for the site. Is that not awesome and generous of those who have donated. We are not charging for the event. For all those who have responded quickly, it was appreciated. The checks I have received are going to be available for you to pick up at the reunion. NO CHECKS ARE OR WILL BE DEPOSITED. Classmates site is limited to characters in both the annoucement and event section. This is why there are two announcements and an updated event announcement. This is in an effort to efectively communicate to those that navigate only in certain areas of this site. We are working on updating HUSD, and MT. Eden web sites to reflect no payment required. Again, much love to everyone who did quickly send in their checks. Look for a prize for your efforts at the reunion.

Missing 200+ people

With a wander through the year book I found the following names missing from the yes/no/maybe list. Please help us find them.

I have tried to look up about 260 and found about 40 so far. Thanks for everyone helping us find others.

Alvin Abdon
Nicholas Alvarado
Ofelia Anaya
Stephen Anderson
Mishelle Aragon
Blanca Arellano
Alison Arendsee
Roxanne Ashley
Werner August
Francine Ayala
Rita Ayoob
Julianna Back
Steven Barbaria
Walter Barkley
Jannell Bartolo
Val Beasley
Brian Beaty
Pam Beltram
Gregory Benson
Richard Bishop
Karen Blood
Diane Booker
Edsel Boswell
Lisa Brashear
Terri Brasher
Robert Breece
Mary Brewer
Sharon Brewster
Zamorin Brooks
Sandy Brookshier
Michael Brown
Stephen Brown
Laura Brozowski
Michael Buckner
Walter Buckner
Nancy Burklin
Nemesio Calub
Allen Cameron
Ray Carbonell
April Carrit
Carl Carvalho
Kate Castella
Callie Castillo
Jessie Castillo
Richard Chapa
Earl Chase
Rafeal Chavez
Steven Choquette
David Collins
Jeffery Coltharp
Joseph Cordeiro
Christine Corpus
Darryl Courtney
Ron Crone
Michael Danforth
Keith Decker
Susan DeGuzman
Richard Dixon
Stephen Donegan
Erma Du-Long
James Edmonds
Brian Elder
Robert Encinas
Phillip Estrada
Cynthia Fagliano
Michele Fay
Andrea Ferreira
Gloria Freitas
Lisa Freitas
Norman Freitas
Robert Freitas
Joseph Frost
Judith Frost
Deborah Garcia
Glen Garcia
Gerald Gardner
Karen Giaras
Bryn Glotfelty
Daryl Gomez
Juanita Gomez
Richard Gomez
Anthony Gonzales
Jeffery Gonzales
Roxanne Gonzales
Kelly Grace
Judy Grant
Raymond Gray
Henry Greer
Annette Gusman
Jerry Gutfield
Diana Hamilton
Virginia Hance
Paul Hankins
Donna Hannaford
Vicki Hannaford
Alison Hanson
Cheryl Harberg
Kathy Hardin
Steven Harris
Susan Hendryx
Julie Henry
Christopher Hernandez
John Hernandez
Cheryl Hilson
Robin Honea
Linda Hum
Brenda Hypolite
Ralph Iereneo
Diana Jackson
Kimberly Jacobson
Daryl Johnson
Doug Johnson
Jeffery Johnson
Bridget Jones
Colin Jones
Lori Jones
Sharon Jones
Donna Kamp
Amy Kanzaki
Susan Kenney
Alan Kessler
Robert Killin
Leslie King
Ali Kompani
Christine Koumarelos
Laurie Kranson
Leslie Lacombe
Verna Lagafua
Teri Landers
Tamara Lang
Trang Le
Carol Le Blanc
Rick Ledo
Cheryl Lee
John Lee
Yong Su Lee
Lori Leeson
Matt Lekas
Rick Leogrande
Robert Leonard
Thomas Leu
Angelina Leung
Gwendolyn Lew
Arlene Lo
Rossano Lontoc
Mark Looby
Frank Lopes
Daniel Lopez
Diana Lopez
Michael Lovato
Robert Lozano
Karen Lundberg
Jody Luque
Ronald Maddox
Carol Maderia
Dorothy Magno
Steven Maher
Alan Manrique
Jennie Mar
Johnny Marquez
Theresa Martin
Jan Marzoline
Pamela Massingale
Eric Mattos
Karen Mayo
Brian Mayta
Paul McDonald
Peggy McDonald
Bobby McMillan
Kelley McMullan
Ronald Medina
Edward Mendez
William Metz
David Miller
Kandis Mimms
David Montgomery
Gerald Moore
Stanley Moore
Timothy Moppin
Mark Mosier
Lynn Nakao
Katherine Napier
Cynthia Neshem
Beth Newman
Leonard Odegaard
Cindra Olsen
Raymond Orozco
Joseph Ortega
Ana Orubeondo
Michael Osgood
Gail Pacca
Cris Padgett
Belsie Pantonial
Phyllis Pappas
Steve Pappas
Christy Parker
Robert Patterson
Beverly Paukert
Ronald Paxton
Wendy Pederson
Gilbert Perez
Ruth Perez
Denise Perry
Jamie Peters
Vernon Peterson
Andrea Pfau
Pnuongthao Phan
Ronald Phillips
Jeff Pimentel
John Pimentel
Charles Pokipala
Ronald Poncino
Lisa Powell
Raymond Powell
John Radzanowski
Wayne Ramos
Abigail Rapoza
Carol Raymundo
David Reed
Brian Reid
Thomas Reid
Christy Reynolds
Michael Rezente
Renee Riddell
Lori Rivera
Silverio Rivera
Gerald Robinson
Rodolfl Rodrigues
Shelley Rodrigues
Victor Rodrigues
Constance Romero
Steve Romero
Tom Roush
Linda Rowland
Lisa Rubio
Jacob Sanchez
Paul Sandoval
Curtis Sango
Octavia Saunders
Brigitte Schenkhuizen
Mark Glen Scillian
Andre Scott
Kathleen Silva
Monique Simpson
Linden Sjolander
Marlene Skrivanich
Marianne Smith
William Smith
Robert Snodgrass
Edmund Soto
Jose Soto
Richardo Soto
Francheska Stafford
Kenneth Stagnaro
Richard Stanton
Katherine Steckley
Sandy Steinbeck
Bradford Stevens
Yoletta Stewart
Kevin Stroud
Sharon Thompson
Tammy Thompson
Sandra Tibbetts
Robyn Tillison
Thomas Torrez
Nga Tran
Patty Ulibarri
Velma Valdez
Deborah Vanderhorst
Laurie Velasquez
Guillermina Vera
Robert Voellinger
Jamie Von Striver
Renee Webb
Lynda Weldon
Barbara Wheeler
Kim Wheeler
Randal White
Sandra White
Deborah Williams
George Williams
Kevin Williamson
Nathan Wills
Kathleen Wong
Yvonne Worth
Thomas Wright
Cathy Yee
Howard Yim
Robert Yoder
June Zulim
David L Zuniga
Zaiga Zvirbulis